Bienvenidos a Mexico!

Last night, Melissa and I arrived in Queretaro!  We explored the town square, where there was a band playing and explored some of the small shops.  Today Melissa and I met with Gaby, an agricultural engineer in CIASPE, the ONG (NGO in English) we are working with in Mexico!  She showed us her updated greenhouse design that we are going to build with the community in Chiteje de Garabato at the secondaria (secondary school).

Instead of the windows we built last summer, she worked on a taller model that has higher windows and protects the vegetables better in the heat.  We also met up with Rob, former head of the Peace Corps’ Technology Transfer Program in Mexico and discussed ideas for our upcoming community initiatives.

After spending the morning planning and grabbing lunch, Melissa and I headed over to grab supplies for the school and greenhouse projects, mostly raffia and paints.  We plan on picking up the remaining materials in Amealco.  Later, we met up with Judy and Marcela, who just arrived in Mexico today, and got dinner with Rob!

Tomorrow, we are heading to Chiteje de Garabato, and I can’t wait!  Saludos!


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