¿’Este’ o ‘sembre’?

After an exercise-filled Sunday, we spent most of our Monday and Tuesday indoors, at internet cafes and at Emma’s house, as a break from exploring the town and to finish the following:

– Ordering materials for our greenhouse Monday morning with Francisco

– Transcribing our twelve video interviews into written Spanish

– Translating the Spanish transcriptions into English

So as not to bore you with all of the routine, or close to ‘desk work’ if you will, I’ll give you a play-by-play, starting Sunday night:

At the end of a day spent walking through ‘milpas’ (fields) with Francisco, after walking up and down a rocky hill four times in search of Petra, one of our greenhouse owners and the wife of a soldadero (someone trained to solder materials), returning early one of those times to try to avoid a rainstorm that lasted five minutes, and finding out around 7pm that the house we had been visiting each time looking for Petra was not Petra’s house, we finally found Petra’s store not far from that house. We interviewed her, and received a tour of her beautiful greenhouse and backyard:

As dusk set, we could see a part of a rainbow descending from the clouds in its magenta glory. Soon the only lights were from houses, soft orange street lamps, and vivid cracks of white from a thunderstorm too far to be heard, but close enough to watch each time it cleaved the dark sky. Our iPhones could not capture the moments of lightning we witnessed, when the background light was too sparse, but trust me when I say it was a trek not to be missed.

I think we all slept pretty well that night, but we did have to rise early and take the 8am bus to Amealco to buy construction materials with our construction expert, Francisco! With our materials, Francisco planning to set our concrete at Friday at 8am, and students available to put the greenhouse together Monday and Tuesday at 8am, it’s all coming together!

After all that, we got a bit of a rest (in the physical sense) the rest of Monday and Tuesday. I don’t want to bore you with the details of transcribing Spanish spoken at 150 words per minute and the art of separating ‘este’s from ‘sembre’s, so I’ll end with a walking tour of Amealco, with pictures taken from my mini excursion on Monday from the bus station to the square, past the square, back to the bus station, and back past the square in search of an open internet cafe:


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