La ultima noche

Last night we met up with my friend Pablo, who started an NGO called Ciclo Reciclaje Residencial.  It was really inspiring to learn about his dedication to improving the poverty and violence in Mexico by working with students on recycling projects, thereby teaching them how to be self-starters.  I realized the uniqueness of the MIT startup culture, where people have the self-confidence in their skills to create new businesses and opportunities.

The mentality of a lot of Mexico is that the government should create jobs and give handouts to people.  Pablo sees that many people with skills to create their own companies, such as environmental engineering and business, don’t realize their potential and as a result, there is major unemployment throughout the country.  By working with the younger generation, Pablo is trying to expand their horizons.

In many towns such as Chiteje, there are three main jobs: construction, growing crops, and illegally immigrating to the US to work in the fields.  By teaching students critical and creative thinking skills and other potential fields of employment, hopefully the new generation can improve the current economic state of Mexico.

We are leaving tomorrow morning, and I will truly miss this country.  I learned so much over the past few weeks and hope to be back again soon.  Adios!!


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